Listing offers

Listing Offers

This service fetches a list of all offers available with given paging options that are included in a request. Paging options are passed using parameters.


  • page is a number which specifies the requested page of offers. Please note that this number is zero-based, which means that 0 indicates the first page.
  • size the amount of offers per page.

Request timeout and frequency:

  • Request timeout: 10 seconds.
  • Request frequency: 5 minute intervals (configurable on request).

Example request


Example response:

HTTP status code: 200

HTTP response headers:

"Content-Type": application/json

Response body:

    "content": [],
    "totalElements": 500,
    "size": 100,
    "number": 0,
    "numberOfElements": 100


  • content array of offers in format described in the Offer Format > Properties section.
  • totalElements total number of available offers across all pages.
  • size number of requested offers per page.
  • number requested page number.
  • numberOfElements actual number of elements for current page.

Access control

  • General token: Offer details fetched from an affiliate network might be different or limited, but no offer will be omitted.
  • Personal token: An affiliate network might authorize users using personal API authentication tokens to access additional or different info (for example, it may display different payout value for users with an account in this affiliate network).